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About Zarka
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About Zarka

Zarka fashion  

was founded in 1996 by knaan kirshenbaum as the first (and only) israeli surfing brand.

Zarka is named after a small Arabic village, "Jaser a zarka" which is on the north coast of israel and one of the most beautiful and best surf spots in the country. Another meaning to zarka is blue in arabic.


a legend sais: strange looking creature lives in the zarka coves, said to be the old surfers demon...


Zarka wear surfing combines wild and funcky looks with colorful collection; freedom, nature, peace, youth, love and the ocean's. these values are refleted in the garment component: topics prints, print designs, embroideries, accessories, selection of materials and cuts, with attention to details acted upon the garment.


zarka sponsor surf school in israel and los angeles and dresses the best surfers in Tel aviv.



what agreat world it would be if only waves were the issue... 



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knaan nanyan irena maya ira

knaan kirshenbaum

CEO, designer & surfer

Nanyan (jessica) chen

production manager

Irena mesnikov


(mouther of the flag)

Maya toledano

brand manager

Ira tetruashvilily

sales person